All our public deliverables elaborated within Platone will be available as soon as the document is approved by the European Commission.


Deliverable Content



D1.1 General functional requirements and specifications of joint activities in the demonstrators  31-08-2020 Deliverable D1.1
D1.2 Project KPIs definition and measurement methods 31-08-2020  Deliverable D1.2
D1.3 Overview of regulatory aspects that impact the solutions tested in the demos in European countries 31-08-2021 Deliverable D1.3
D2.1 Platone platform requirements and reference architecture (v1) 31-08-2020  Deliverable D2.1
D2.2  Platone Platform requirements and reference architecture (v2)  28-02-2022 Deliverable D2.2
PlatOne Market platform (v1)
28-02-2021 Deliverable D2.3
PlatOne DSO Technical Platform (v1)
28-02-2021 Deliverable D2.6
D2.9 Specification of the interoperability and standard communication protocols (v1) 31-12-2021 Deliverable D2.9
PlatOne BlockChain Customer Access Layer (v1)
28-02-2021 Deliverable D2.11
PlatOne Integrated Framework Prototype (v1)
30-04-2021 Deliverable D2.14
Internal operational plan and WP3 roadmap
30-11-2020 Deliverable D3.1
Report of optimal communication solutions between customer database and market players
30-04-2020 Deliverable D3.2
Delivering of technology (v1)
28-02-2021 Deliverable D3.3
D3.6  Report on first integration activity in the field 23-07-2021  Deliverable D3.6 
Report of customer involvement
31-01-2021 Deliverable D3.7
D4.1 Report on the definitions of KPIs and UCs  31-08-2020 Deliverable D4.1
D4.2 State estimation tool  30-11-2020 Deliverable D4.2
D4.3 Algorithm for ancillary services  30-11-2021 Deliverable D4.3
D4.4 Algorithm for optimal DER control  30-11-2021 Deliverable D4.4
D5.1 Solution design and technical specifications  29-02-2020 Deliverable D5.1
D5.2 Detailed use case descriptions  31-08-2020 Deliverable D5.2
Definition of Use Case algorithms 
28-02-2021 Deliverable D5.3
D5.4  Use Case 1 Demonstration Report 31-08-2021 Deliverable D5.4
D5.5  Use Case 2 Demonstration Report 28-02-2022 Deliverable D5.5
D6.1 Report on the analysis of most relevant standards  29-02-2020  Deliverable D6.1
D6.2 Report on standard guidelines for each demonstration 31-08-2020 Deliverable D6.2
Ex-ante qualitative evaluation
28-02-2021 Deliverable D6.3
D6.4 Periodic report on lessons-learned (v1) 31-08-2021 Deliverable D6.4
D6.5 Periodic report on lessons-learned (v2)  31-08-2021 Deliverable D6.5 
D6.8 Report on the analysis of the regulatory and legislative framework  29-02-2020  Deliverable D6.8
Report on solutions and recommendations for the roll-out of the designed solutions 
31-08-2020 Deliverable D6.9
Standardised grid models 
28-02-2021 Deliverable D6.10
Definition of data to be collected by the field to perform the analyses
 28-02-2021 Deliverable D7.1
D7.2 Methodology for SRA  31-08-2021 Deliverable D7.2
D7.3  CBA Methodology  31-08-2021 Deliverable D7.3
D8.1 Communication and dissemination plan (first draft)  30-11-2019 Deliverable D8.1
D8.2 Website with interactive community platform 30-11-2019  Platone Website
D8.3  High quality videos explaining the approaches in the 3 trials 31-08-2021 Deliverable D8.3
D8.4 Intermediate report on the stakeholders engagement, exploitation, dissemination, communication and standardization activities 31-08-2021 Deliverable D8.4 
D8.5 Exploitation and marketing plan for the involvement of partners and future customers  31-08-2021 
D8.7 Communication and dissemination plan (v1) 30-11-2020  Deliverable D8.7
D8.8 Communication and Dissemination Plan (v2) 30-11-2021 Deliverable D8.8 
D9.1  Data management plan (initial release)  29-02-2020  Deliverable D9.1
Data management plan (final)
30-04-2021 Deliverable D9.2
Project management plan (v1)
31-10-2019 Deliverable D9.3
Project management plan (v2)
28-02-2021 Deliverable D9.4
D9.5 Project Management Plan, Version 3
28-02-2022 Deliverable D9.5
H - Requirement No. 1
31-12-2019 Deliverable D10.1
POPD - Requirement No. 2
29-02-2020 Deliverable D10.2