Ercole De Luca
areti S.p.A.
Piazzale Ostiense, 2 - 00154 Rome
Our demonstration in Italy carried out a comprehensive implementation of a local flexibility market, realizing it within a large metropolitan area of Rome. Therefore, it involved various types of users located in different parts of the eternal city. Specifically, there was a wastewater treatment plant connected directly to the primary cabin, a virtual energy community in low-voltage, residential homes equipped with renewable energy sources, a business smart building and electric vehicle charging station pools.

To get a reliable representation of the impacts of flexibility on the distribution system operators (DSO) grid, portions of the electricity distribution network, sufficiently representative in terms of voltage levels and typology of transformer substations, were equipped with smart technologies coordinated by a centralized intelligence, able, at the same time, to observe and re-configure the grid and ask to the market the necessary flexibility to optimize stability, resiliency and security.

The main objective of the trial was to implement a complete end-to-end flexible environment, i.e. a real integrated market where, applying highly innovative distribution network technologies like blockchain and new grid equipment, retail and business customers interact with both aggregators (to access new flexibility market options) and DSOs to become active players of a network optimized management in an effective and efficient active distribution network.

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