Flexibility Market Platform

Blockchain-based platform for enabling a fair and transparent flexibility market         

Flexibility Market platform is a blockchain-based platform that enables a fair and transparent flexibility market available to any Market Participants (TSOs, DSOs, Aggregators, Customers). It leverages on the blockchain technology for implementing a secure and transparent certification of the market results as well as an innovative settlement mechanism based on tokenization for incentivizing the customers participation.

Main target group

The target group includes all the market participants (DSOs, TSOs, aggregators, customers) that aim to create an open market for the flexibility.


Interview with:
Ferdinando Bosco
Technical Manager at R&D Smart Energy Lab
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (ENG) 

Interviewer: Ferdinando Bosco, the Platone Open Framework is one of the key results of the Platone project whose development was coordinated by the consortium partner ENG. Let´s assume I represent an Italian DSO. We are facing an energy transition, in which a lot of DERs are now part of our local distribution network. We would like to exploit as best as possible the integration of DERs for solving possible congestion in the grid.

Ferdinando Bosco: The energy transition is one of the most difficult topics to be addressed for DSOs and we propose an IT solution for solving the congestion management issues exploiting the DERs flexibility. We believe that a fair and trasparent flexbility market can incentivize the participation of the prosumer to the flexibility market and support the DSOs for solving the congestion issue with a bid/offer mechanism.

Interviewer: Can you give me additional details about this IT solution?

Ferdinando Bosco: Sure. The name of the solution is "Flexibility Market Platform”. The Flexibility Market Platform is a blockchain-based web platform that allows any market participant to participate in the flexibility market. Thanks to blockchain technology, all the market operations are registered and certified and an innovative settlement mechanism, based on Token, is implemented.

Interviewer: How couId an interested DSO try this platform?

Ferdinando Bosco: The platform is completely open-source and you can download and install it by yourself. If you prefer, a demo environment is available for testing the entire flexibility market process.

Interviewer: If the interested DSO is interested in a demo. Can they set it up?

Ferdinando Bosco: Sure. The DSO will be contacted by our IT department for a short demo and then by our commercial department in case they are interested to use it as a cloud solution.

Interviewer: Ferdinando Bosco, thank you very much for providing us with these insights!