The Platone Advisory and Dissemination Board

Platone has established a promising advisory and dissemination board (ADB) of leading representatives of the Critical Energy Infrastructure and ICT sectors.

The Platone ADB met annually to advise our project on strategic orientation and to challenge our overall approach, our use cases and field trials and their possible implications.

The constant exchange with the Platone ADB served as a great opportunity for our project to gather insights from outside the project and to complement our existing expertise that comes from the consortium . Our ADB helped us to avoid groupthinking and gives the direction on big picture issues to identify changes in the framework, new challenges and opportunities.

In addition, the ADB supervised the communication of results to stakeholders and help to uncover new dissemination paths. By communicating project results and insights, the members of the ADB ensured European-wide acceptance and usability of the Platone project outcomes.