The outcome of the extensive work conducted in different work packages led to certain Key Exploitable Results (KERs) which are the tangible outcomes, assets, or findings that hold significant value and can be leveraged for various purposes, such as commercialization, further research, or knowledge transfer. These results are the core achievements of the Platone project and can have a long-lasting impact.

These 21 KERs can be clustered in the following categories:

The proposed Platone open-source framework (POF) with three open-source components

Demo developments which evolve around POF with corresponding adaptations

Italian Demo

  • Light Node which is installed at users' premises which gathers data from DSO smart meters on DERs' sites and receives and relays flexibility activation commands to the customers’ storage systems, smart home devices, etc.
  • Local Flexibility Market through which DSOs can directly engage DERs to reduce grid congestions by matching DSO demands with aggregated bids of DERs and provided by service providers.
  • Blockchain Access Layer (2) which acts as a trust-enhancing intermediary between DERs and the Local Flexibility Market by certifying real-time meter measurements.

Greek Demo

  • Network Tariffs Model which analyzes historical data, generates representative day-types, creates tariff patterns for them, optimizes DER control, and facilitates real-time ancillary services.
  • State Estimation Tool which acts upon both synchronized and conventional measurements and auxiliary functions to estimate the grid operating state.

German Demo

Developments independently from the Platone Open Framework

Data reusability and Solution Replicability

Grid Automation Hardware and Software tools

Education Content and Community Interactions

  • Platone Educational Video Series about the open source philosophy of Platone and the exemplary service deployment tutorials.
  • FlexCommunity as a cross-border community for discussing flexibility-related topics and sharing knowledge.
  • The Interactive FlexAnimation demonstrating the benefits of digitalization and flexibility in distribution grids.     

 The following diagram visualizes the clustering of the Platone KERs:

The Platone Key Exploitable Results

Overview on the key exploitable results of the H2020 funded project Platone (2019 – 2023)