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05.11.2019 | With our internal workshop on capacity building with representatives of all project partners we prepared the start of our series of co-creation events for a user and target group-oriented design process.

Berlin, Germany

With the workshop in the German capital we were introduced to user centric design to learn basics of Design Thinking methods and mindsets, brainstorming methods as well as to get insights into user comprehension, rapid prototyping and testing of concepts. The aim is to prepare specific innovation activities to get innovation with sustainable economic, environmental and social impact. These processes will pave the ground for the development and assessment of Platone solution models.

Using the latest research and development methods such as Agile Prototyping and Design Thinking, psychologists, sociologists and experienced business coaches of our Platone consortium will carefully assess the real needs and expectations of end users as well as business leaders and responsible persons in system operation. Latest innovation methodologies will be utilised during the project in complementary way. The focus of Design Thinking is on "Understanding of end users”, i.e. to identify their needs, expectations and anxieties. Platone will use this approach through direct interactions in the early phases of the project and together with customers in the design phase of each field trial. Solutions will then be developed in a series of co-creation sessions using agile methodologies already deployed in previous projects successfully.

The first co-creation event on user interaction will take place in the context of the Italian trial in February 2020.